Eco-friendly agriculture (satoyama and satoumi)

ABSTRACT For Singapore, low carbon urban farming connotes not only the availability of hard physical infrastructures set up for this purpose but also the software aspects of changing the mind-sets of growers, consumers and retailers. For the government, this means supporting the urban farming...
ABSTRACT Agriculture is entering a transformative era, as the world population grows and demand for agricultural products increases rapidly. Although the Green Revolution has succeeded in feeding the rapidly growing human population, it has also exhausted the earth's soil and biodiversity and...
ABSTRACT This research study primarily aimed to determine the seawater quality in terms of its microbiological components using bacteriological assay and the laboratory test results from the obtained water samples.  This study is an environmental assessment conducted in the six coastal...
ABSTRACT In recent years, the food waste issue has received growing interest within the government, businesses, and the general public because it could cause food insecurity and environmental pollution. Various factors contribute to food waste during the stages of food production, processing,...
ABSTRACT Transboundary haze pollution, which occurs annually, is Southeast Asia’s visible environmental challenge. The haze, which consists of pollutants is caused by several factors, including El Niño weather patterns that occur once a few years, its resulting dry season, the dense peatlands...