Eco-friendly agriculture (satoyama and satoumi)

ABSTRACT Climate change has affected the entire world. Without exception, the impacts of climate change are becoming evident across the Korean peninsula. In order to mitigate the impacts and damage caused by climate change, in particular, the Korean agricultural sector is required to play a more...
ABSTRACT Agroecology is a method of cultivating crops based on taking advantage of available natural resources to grow crops. Agroecology has the ability to create a better food sources for health, protect the health of producers, help improve yields, reduce production costs and protect natural...
ABSTRACT With the increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme climates caused by global warming, not only the frequency of agricultural disasters in Taiwan has increased, but the patterns have also changed. High temperature and drought frequently happened in recent years, while rarely...
ABSTRACT For the small-scale producers in Dongshi Township, where rural villages mainly rely on aquaculture dispersed between Dongshi Fisherman's Wharf and river lowlands in Southwestern Taiwan, climate change is real and hits home: the rising sea level, the severer soil salinization unfavorable...
ABSTRACT Sago (Metroxylon sagu Rottb) is one of prodigious biodiversity of Indonesia as a native plant and traditional staple food of the people in the country. This plant provides nutritional value in line with food diversification, produces bioethanol towards food energy security and offers...