ABSTRACT Durian is native and semi-cultivated in continental Southeast Asia in South Tenasserim Lower Burma, and Indo-Chinese countries like Thailand and Vietnam, maritime southern Philippines provinces of Mindanao and Sulu, the Visayas Islands, Luzon Island, and the Malay Archipelago. One of...
Country: Singapore Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Singapore’s first mushroom farm was the Everbloom Mushroom Pte Ltd incorporated on 1 April 1981. One of the legacies of this early era of mushroom farming in Singapore is the Mushroom Farm which specializes in supplying fresh organically-grown mushrooms in Singapore. One of the...
Country: Singapore Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT In the 1940s, Singapore was a major center of research and experimentation for tilapia breeding and its ponds yielded promise for meeting food requirements. Tilapia was first brought into Singapore by the Japanese community during World War II and, when the tide of World War II turned...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries
ABSTRACT The Singapore-Riau leg of SIJORI is useful as a case study for analyzing agricultural exchanges in sub-regionalism. The 2000s saw the take-off stage of SIJORI with agri-businesses taking off in some of the Riau Archipelago’s constituents and there was also diversity in the types of...
ABSTRACT From the 1970 to the 1990s, Singapore's ornamental fish industry organically expanded and some fish farms like Qian Hu perfected the method of oxygenating delivery bags of fishes for overseas customers. The authorities also carried out water quality regulatory interventions, tightened...
Country: Singapore Topic: Fisheries