Climate change

ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the issue, strategy, and control measure policy of low-carbon emissions development in Indonesia’s agriculture. The result of the analysis shows that during the last decade (2010-2020), agriculture contributes about 7.86% of the total national carbon emissions. The...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Climate change
ABSTRACT Climate impacts on corn production are due to the changing temperature and precipitation regimes in corn.  The largest impact of these changes was at the local scale where within season weather induced by the change in climate become more noticeable. The wet season results showed...
Country: Philippines Topic: Climate change
ABSTRACT Climate change that results in severe drought events may accelerate soil degradation and intensify the spread of plant diseases and insect pests internationally. Legal disputes concerning the use of Roundup, a widely used herbicide to eliminate weeds produced by Monsanto, have been...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Climate change
ABSTRACT Households' livelihoods are particularly vulnerable to the increased impacts of climate change. Assessment of livelihood vulnerability to climate change will help to identify suitable adaptive livelihood strategies that balance risks and impacts to allow continued development while...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Climate change
ABSTRACT Net-zero carbon emissions have become a crucial issue in Taiwan. It is imperative for the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan of Taiwan to reach the goal of net-zero emissions by 2040. Four major countermeasures have been established in 2022 to achieve net-zero emissions, including...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Climate change