Food security and safety

ABSTRACT The traditional farming system managed to preserve the soil health and remained resilient for crop production. Introduction of modern agriculture practice, the Green Revolution in  1970s had increased the farm productivity and managed to reduce famine in Asia. Unfortunately,...
ABSTRACT Although there have been some essential transformation and improvements made in the industrial and service sectors to some extent, agriculture still remains as the backbone of the Myanmar’s economy contributing to about 22% of its national GDP in 2021. With respect to agricultural land...
ABSTRACT Sustainable agriculture and food security are important global goals. Therefore, the government amends related policies and accompanying measures to achieve these goals in Taiwan. The government agencies vigorously promote the development and application of bio-pesticides and bio-...
ABSTRACT Malaysia was hit by the COVID-19 since early February 2020. As of 20 July 2021, nearly one million people have been infected, with more than 10,000 deaths. At the same time, more than 950,000 have recovered from the disease. During the pandemic, the agriculture sector remained open as...
ABSTRACT The animal vaccine industry is closely related to domestic epidemic prevention and safety, citizen health, and food safety; it also influences national agricultural economic output and relevant biotech industry development. Taiwan’s animal vaccine industry, which includes nine animal...