Food security and safety

ABSTRACT Taiwan, being an island nation, heavily relies on imports of grains such as soybeans, wheat, and corn to meet its feed and food requirements. Although the total agricultural imports and exports between Taiwan and Russia and Ukraine are extremely low, these two countries are major global...
ABSTRACT Malaysia has always been a trading nation. Strategically located along the Straits of Malacca, it sits on a major shipping channel that connects the Indian Ocean to the west and the Pacific Ocean to the east. Malaysia recognizes the importance of international trade and relations to the...
ABSTRACT In Myanmar, vegetable production is a major component of food safety strategy. Cabbage is such a vegetable vastly attacked by various kinds of pests. Wide and unsystematic use of pesticides and thus their residues are the main challenge for food safety. Inadequate food safety knowledge...
ABSTRACT Countries reliant on food imports like Singapore were recently affected by the Russo-Ukraine war and the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic as both events increased the prices of staple foods. To mitigate this situation, Singapore’s rooftop farms focused on cultivating mass-consumed...
ABSTRACT The traditional farming system managed to preserve the soil health and remained resilient for crop production. Introduction of modern agriculture practice, the Green Revolution in  1970s had increased the farm productivity and managed to reduce famine in Asia. Unfortunately,...