Food security and safety

INTRODUCTION Genetically Modified Organism is an alternative way to improve both the quality and the quantity of agricultural products. In developing nations across the globe, governments are grappling with questions of what role, if any, genetically modified organisms should play in helping...
INTRODUCTION Massive uses of indigenous plants of local origin have potential to increase global food production and local variation to different environmental humans’ habits. Developing the rare crop creates the potential to diversify food production toward limited number of crops by...
INTRODUCTION It is well known that International trade can increase the well-being of each trading nation on the basis of comparative advantage principle. Likewise, increasing regional integration can enhance export competitiveness. By kicking off a comprehensive reform programme in 2011,...
BACKGROUND Agricultural circulation policies in India express a set of obligatory protocols intended to achieve certain public goals. The Increase in agricultural productivity and rapid industrial growth from 1992 to 2016 has considerably achieved in reducing poverty in the country from 24 % to 15...
THE POLICY CONTENT ON IMPLEMENTING FOOD AGRICULTURE EDUCATION IN SOUTH KOREA With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of healthcare, there is a greater demand for food safety. In the recent 10 years, South Korea's obesity population has increased by 1.6...