Food security and safety

Source: Council of Agriculture ( According to the “Agricultural Product and Verification Act”, the Council of Agriculture (COA) has been promoting the Traceable Agricultural Products (TAP) system since 2007. The tracing system was set to promote...
INTRODUCTION Wasted food is a considerable component of the world’s food system challenges. Food waste can be described as all edible food materials produced for human consumption but left uneaten, either lost or discarded throughout the food supply chain, from farm to fork. It is organic...
Malaysia as a country has the right to define and control its food sovereignty but the country is open and vulnerable to the challenges of the environment, urbanization, changing demographics, and rising amounts of food waste. Thus, Malaysia desperately needs a food revolution movement where...
INTRODUCTION Rice is a staple food in Japan. Consumers are sensitive about the variety of rice, its location, and time of harvest, when they are purchasing rice or foods containing rice from a retailer or if they are dining at a restaurant. However, these aspects are difficult to judge from the...
ABSTRACT This study emphasized the estimation of the food security status and coping strategies employed to cope with food insecurity and better understanding of major determinants of per capita food expenditure at household level in Myingyan Township. To examine rural household’s access to...