Meliza A. Festejo-Abeleda

Socio-Economics Research Division, Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic andNatural Resources Research and DevelopmentDepartment of Science and Technology, Philippines
Job Title
Senior Science Research Specialist

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ABSTRACT Technological change has been acknowledged as a principal driver of productivity growth. It underscores the need for innovation and proactive changes to sustainably develop an economy, though the pace and direction of change will be determined by the emerging challenges and...
ABSTRACT The important contribution of fertilizers in achieving agricultural productivity to ensure food security is highlighted in this paper. State of the two sub-sectors of the Philippine fertilizer industry, the inorganic fertilizer and bio-fertilizer, was discussed. The inorganic fertilizer...
INTRODUCTION While the Philippines is traversing a higher growth path following its recent overall economic success, the agriculture sector is still underperforming. The share of agriculture in the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) in 2016 was a mere 9% which translates into PHP 711...
Country: Philippines Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Effective fishery policies invariably trace their roots from science-based assessment of the issues involved. Such assessment is characterized by a systematic process of problem identification, empirical examination of alternative solutions and a decision criterion designed to achieve the...
Country: Philippines Topic: Fisheries