ABSTRACT After the income compensation program for rice was changed to basic direct payment, Rice farmers were very concerned that rice price volatility would increase. The Korean government amended the existing Grain Management Act to dispel the concerns of rice farmers and to successfully...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT As one of the biodiversity sources, there is a need to develop spice commodities in Indonesia. This article aims to discuss the development of these commodities based on historical value and its future perspective. Spices can be grown in all areas of the country; however, the...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Knowing the changes in the food industry caused by COVID-19 can help plan mid- to long-term measures in the future. In this regard, this paper examined the changes in the food market in Korea due to COVID-19 in detail and attempted to derive policy implications from them. Due to the...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Responding to changes in global consumption habits such as markets and consumer choices, the food industry has to promptly adjust the marketing strategies for the structure and development of agricultural production needs. In Taiwan, the barriers of high production and marketing costs...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Overview