ABSTRACT The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of Korea outlined its major policy initiatives for 2024 in March. This outline covers the policy achievements of 2023, evaluates the past year, and presents the primary policy directions for addressing the evolving needs of the...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT The bonsai movement in Singapore is influenced by both Japan and China and also by indigenous developments. Some of the first bonsai works in Singapore can be found in Buddhist temples. Today, some of Singapore's natural sceneries, public parks or secondary forests serve as inspirations...
Country: Singapore Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Indonesia is ranked third after China and India among the ten biggest producing countries of tomatoes in the Asia Pacific region. In the last five years, the production of Indonesia’s tomatoes increased by about 4.60% per year i.e., from 976,790 tons in 2018 to 1,168,743 in 2022....
Country: Indonesia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT The relocation of the national capital is an old issue in Indonesia and has only been realized during the current government administration. It will certainly have positive and negative impacts, including on the agricultural sector. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the planning...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT Korea’s agricultural income per farm household in 2022 was KRW9.49 million (US$7,342), the largest decline since statistics were compiled. The low level of agricultural income, which has not exceeded KRW10 million (US$7,740) over the past 30 years, threatens the sustainability of Korean...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview