ABSTRACT Indonesia is the largest nutmeg producer in the world sharing about 46.52% of the global harvested areas. Almost 60% of nutmeg planting areas are in eastern Indonesia, particularly in the Maluku and Papua regions. Most nutmeg farms belong to smallholders (99.81%). The productivity of...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Agricultural extension is essentially how new knowledge and ideas are introduced into rural areas to bring about change and improve the lives of farmers and their families. The rapid development of communication technology requires agricultural extension workers to be able to use social...
ABSTRACT This paper gives an overview of the agricultural investment policy in Indonesia. It is particularly important due to the country’s heavy reliance on agriculture as a significant economic sector and its unique geographical and socio-economic context. Indonesia has an opportunity for...
ABSTRACT Indonesia is ranked third after China and India among the ten biggest producing countries of tomatoes in the Asia Pacific region. In the last five years, the production of Indonesia’s tomatoes increased by about 4.60% per year i.e., from 976,790 tons in 2018 to 1,168,743 in 2022....
Country: Indonesia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT The relocation of the national capital is an old issue in Indonesia and has only been realized during the current government administration. It will certainly have positive and negative impacts, including on the agricultural sector. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the planning...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Overview