ABSTRACT This study investigated how access to irrigation contributed to crop income and livelihood improvement in the study area in Myanmar. The study was conducted in the Pyawt Ywar pump irrigation command area in Myinmu Township, and stratified random sampling was used to collect data from...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Sustainable intensification is vital to ensuring food security in Japan in view of the low food self-sufficiency rate (37% on a calorie basis, 66% on a price basis in 2020). As a result, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) launched the initiative known as “...
Country: Japan Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT This research attempted to analyze the determinants of potato production in Southern Shan State and Magway Region of Myanmar. Potato plays a significant role in increasing food security and income for the smallholder farmers of Myanmar. Data for the study were collected from both...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Due to the shallow groundwater level and high sodium content of irrigation water in Taibao Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan, the greenhouse soil drainage is poor and the soil sodium content is excessively accumulated, which is unfavorable for greenhouse cultivation. The shallow buried...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT The studies reviewed deal with output growth using the total factor productivity (TFP) approach. The regional-oriented studies adopted systematic methods of employing cross-sectional data to estimate regional TFP given the data limitations. They had similar findings on the relative edge...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agriculture