ABSTRACT Indonesia is the largest nutmeg producer in the world sharing about 46.52% of the global harvested areas. Almost 60% of nutmeg planting areas are in eastern Indonesia, particularly in the Maluku and Papua regions. Most nutmeg farms belong to smallholders (99.81%). The productivity of...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Rice is the staple food of Malaysian people. Malaysia produces more than 1.55 million tons of rice yearly, equivalent to 73% of the local requirement. The demand for rice is projected to increase due to the increase in population. However, rice production is decreasing every year. Rice...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Indonesia implements policy strategies by providing certification and implementing replanting programs to ensure the achievement of sustainability standards of the palm oil industry. The country follows the certification standard system issued by the Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil (...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Layer chicken is an important part of the poultry industry in the country. Previously, Taiwan's domestic egg production was utterly self-sufficient. Recently, however, the country has produced fewer eggs due to culling of the island's hen flocks owing to seasonal avian influenza virus...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT The Promotion of Organic Rice Production project in Thailand was done from 2017 to 2021 by the Rice Department (RD). The objectives of the project are: 1) to promote organic rice production by the farmers’ group under “Organic Thailand” standard of the Ministry of Agriculture and...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agriculture