ABSTRACT This paper reviews the development of the edible oil sector in Myanmar. Oilseed crops, namely groundnut, sesame, sunflower, mustard and niger, are one of the major crops in Myanmar and it covers 16% of the national cultivated area. At present, about 90% of domestic edible oil mills have...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Potato becomes one of the potential crops for global food security issue because of its high nutrient content and goodness of eating. In Myanmar, potato is widely grown in Southern Shan State. Therefore, this research aims to study the profitability of potato production in four...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT In Myanmar, rubber is a priority crop in national development plans, which employs about 350,000- 400,000 workers, mainly in the plantation or upstream sector linked to planting and production of raw natural rubber. The study aims to identify critical intervention areas of rubber...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Contract farming has been in existence for many years as a means of organizing the commercial agricultural production of both large-scale and small-scale farmers. Thailand is one of the pioneers in contract farming in Asia. This article reviews the literature related to contract farming...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Agricultural production, land use and investment policies were reviewed in this paper rather than other three major economic policies related to natural rubber industry in Myanmar, which will be presented in the next paper. The focus was on the policy changes and support to natural...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture