ABSTRACT Starting from January 2022, Japanese quail has officially become designated as poultry by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of Taiwan, a year that has been called Taiwan's "First Year of Japanese Quail" by the related industry. Japanese quail eggs are also one of the few exported...
ABSTRACT Taiwan, being an island nation, heavily relies on imports of grains such as soybeans, wheat, and corn to meet its feed and food requirements. Although the total agricultural imports and exports between Taiwan and Russia and Ukraine are extremely low, these two countries are major global...
ABSTRACT Agriculture is entering a transformative era, as the world population grows and demand for agricultural products increases rapidly. Although the Green Revolution has succeeded in feeding the rapidly growing human population, it has also exhausted the earth's soil and biodiversity and...
ABSTRACT Taiwan has enacted the “Climate Responsive Act” that explicitly incorporates the net-zero emissions goal by 2050 in January 2023. Since the energy sector accounts for 54 % of the total carbon emissions in Taiwan, it is vital to promote renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuel...
ABSTRACT Taiwan’s government has prioritized rural revitalization in an attempt to combat the challenges associated with an aging population, and in that process rural agritourism has been embraced as part of this strategy. The aging population problem in Taiwan has led to increased levels of...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Rural development