ABSTRACT The biodiversity in rice paddies is influenced by factors such as the surroundings and farming methods employed but is also related to the rice yield and production costs. In 2013, a survey was conducted in Hualien County to determine the community structure of invertebrates in rice...
ABSTRACT Labor intensive and periodical investigations are essentially required in the past for the evaluation of services and functions of ecosystem and its change, which resulted in much labor and time consumption with very limited frequencies. Currently, with rapid development of Information...
ABSTRACT Precision agriculture is known as site-specific farming or sustainable-land-use low-input farming, which is used to reduce fertilized and chemical pesticides by variable-rate operating system. For the Asian and Pacific region, there are two problems concerning precision agriculture. One...
ABSTRACT Drone application in Taiwan is becoming popular practices. Several kinds of drone’s application in agriculture, forestry, fishery and mountainous rural security management, such as: land management, land cover monitoring, crop and fishery damage assessment of natural hazards, rural...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Smart agriculture
ABSTRACT The rapid development of AI and IoT devices and infrastructure has formed the convergence of the two transformative technologies into AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things). Although AIoT is still at a growing stage, its applications in many areas are already boosting enormous business...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Smart agriculture