Rural development

ABSTRACT To address the crisis of population decline at the local level, the South Korean government is allocating KRW1 trillion (US$769.2 million) annually, starting from 2022. This funding will be provided to support basic and metropolitan local governments that have been designated as ‘...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT As the elderly population continues to grow and strains public medical finances, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions to address the impending exhaustion of resources for elderly care. One such solution is the concept of community care, which offers an alternative approach...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT Rural communities are always associated with backward economic activities and traditional ways of life. Despite representing around 25% of its population, the rural community is essential to Malaysia’s economic development. The rural areas are a source of food through its agrofood...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT Taiwan’s government has prioritized rural revitalization in an attempt to combat the challenges associated with an aging population, and in that process rural agritourism has been embraced as part of this strategy. The aging population problem in Taiwan has led to increased levels of...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT Microfinance around the world is often described as a success story, through its ability to contribute to economic development and poverty alleviation, based on sustainable financial results. Impact studies carried out in recent years and the analysis of economic models of microfinance...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Rural development