Rural development

INTRODUCTION Leisure agriculture and rural tourism are new-type industrial forms of modern agriculture and modern tourism, and are important in promoting the construction of beautiful villages, and a vibrant and healthy China. Because of the improvement of income level for urban-rural residents,...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
INTRODUCTION Factors deteriorating Laguna de Bay Region (LDBR) In general, the policies governing LBDR generally aim at the judicious use of the lake resources by the various stakeholders, as well as the protection of the lake from pollution and the conservation of the lake and its watershed...
Background According to the deployment and requirement of No.1 document issued by central government on promoting information entering villages and households, in 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has launched pilot projects in 10 provinces (cities) and 22 counties. In 2015, the MOA has...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
INTRODUCTION Malaysia is a newly industrialized country and one of the most competitive nations in Asia. Although Malaysia's economy is stable and growing, the issue of poverty is still the main concern and given a high priority by the government. The government of Malaysia has formulated a...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Rural development
Point of measures In order to maintain and give the full scope of the multifunctionality of agriculture and rural areas, we support joint activities of the region, agricultural production activities in the mountainous region, and the agricultural production activities that contribute to the...
Country: Japan Topic: Rural development