Tran Cong Thang

Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development,Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam

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ABSTRACT This paper aims to provide empirical evidences about the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on agriculture and rural development in Vietnam, with a focus on smallholder farmers and vulnerable rural people. Based on contextual analysis, document reviews and quick survey in 12 provinces along...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT In recent years, coffee has been Vietnam's important agricultural export product. Vietnam's coffee production always leads the world in Robusta coffee. In the past two years, the export of processed coffee has increased significantly in comparison with that of coffee beans, but the...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agribusiness
General overview of Vietnam's fruits and vegetabGles trade In recent years, Vietnamese fruits and vegetables sector has been continually expanding its export market. Vietnam’s fruits and vegetables products have penetrated big markets such as USA, Australia, EU and Japan (VietTrade,...
ABSTRACT In recent years, although Vietnam rice has ranked 2nd in export in international arena, the rice quality is still low. Majority of rice export is of low quality and without recognized brands, which has led to a lower price in comparison with that of Thailand and India. The main cause is...
According to the Vietnam General Custom Office, in the first five months of 2017, rice exports reached 2.282 million tons, increasing by 9.71% over the same period in 2016. It is expected that in the second half of the year, Vietnam will export about 2.97 million tons. The rice export market is...