Vu Huy Phuc

Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam
Job Title
Vice Director General

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ABSTRACT In recent years, coffee has been Vietnam's important agricultural export product. Vietnam's coffee production always leads the world in Robusta coffee. In the past two years, the export of processed coffee has increased significantly in comparison with that of coffee beans, but the...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agribusiness
INTRODUCTION The domestic price of chemical fertilizers had experienced a significant increase during 2011-2013 while the price of agricultural products was declining. As a consequence, farmers’ incomes and living standards were negatively affected. In this context, the government and the...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT Rice production plays an important role in Vietnam’s agricultural development. In recent years, although rice cultivation area maintains stable, the yield still keeps increasing year by year. This growth brings higher output, which does not only guarantee national food security but...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agriculture
Source:   INTRODUCTION The main objective of Vietnam’s sustainable coffee plan and vision is to build Vietnam's coffee sector development toward...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Agriculture
Vietnam's Coffee Policy Review     ABSTRACT Coffee is one of the most important agro-commodities of Vietnam. In recent years, this sector has obtained a number of remarkable achievements in export, contributing to the rapid export growth of Vietnam’s agro-commodities. As a...
Country: Vietnam Topic: Overview