ABSTRACT Coffee plays an important role in the economic activities of Indonesia.  Even though the country is ranked as the fourth largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia, the productivity of Indonesian coffee is lower than its potential productivity....
Country: Indonesia Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT People’s Business Credit (KUR) is a financing scheme for working capital and investment provided to prospective beneficiaries who have productive and viable businesses, including agricultural businesses, but do not have additional collateral or the additional insufficient collateral....
Country: Indonesia Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Korea's food exports are constantly increasing. As the Korean Wave culture spreads around the world, interest in Korea increases, and the excellence of Korean food is more known worldwide, Korea's food exports have increased for more than 20 years since 2000. First, this study...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT The South Korean government had implemented dining business stimulus programs to cushion the damage by COVID-19. The dining discount coupon was distributed as one of the stimulus policies. This study analyzed the effects of food services stimulus program on food service expenditure with...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT This paper describes a unique style of small-scale farming practiced by Kenji Maeda, a full-time herb farmer in Japan, who resides in a local town, but has customers all over the country. He believes that his customers should enjoy the process of growing herbs in their homes. Based on...
Country: Japan Topic: Agribusiness