ABSTRACT This study was conducted to analyze the consumers’ perception of edible oil consumption in Myanmar. A total of 3,945 households from 15 regions/states of Myanmar were surveyed by agricultural officers of the Department of Agriculture in November 2021. Among the respondents, 75%...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT China is one of the traditional and important markets for Malaysia's fruits. Previously, the export of fruits to China was through Hong Kong. The government of China has approved seven fruits from Malaysia to enter China directly in the form of fresh, dried-frozen, and processed...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the existence of edible-nest swiftlet as part of commodity exports from Indonesia. About 90% of edible-nest swiftlet was exported; while domestic consumption was quite minor, namely 5%. Indonesia was recorded as the biggest exporter in the world sharing around 70-80...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Coconut is one of the essential industries in Malaysia. The value of coconut production is about RM666.70 (US$158.70) million, in 2021. However, the coconut industry in Malaysia is declining, and the government aspires to revitalize it into a dynamic and progressive industry. The low...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Singapore’s first mushroom farm was the Everbloom Mushroom Pte Ltd incorporated on 1 April 1981. One of the legacies of this early era of mushroom farming in Singapore is the Mushroom Farm which specializes in supplying fresh organically-grown mushrooms in Singapore. One of the...
Country: Singapore Topic: Agribusiness