Jongin Kim

Department of Agricultural Outlook, Korea Rural Economic Institute, Korea

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ABSTRACT In Korean agriculture, rice holds not only the status of being a staple food but it also remains the predominant crop for a significant proportion of farmers. However, a persistent trend of structural oversupply of rice has been ongoing since the late 1990s, with an overproduction of...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT In the past, the direct payment program in the agricultural sector was concentrated on rice, and problems such as fairness with other crops, overproduction of rice, and limitations in terms of improving public function have been raised. So the Korean government promoted the...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT After the income compensation program for rice was changed to basic direct payment, Rice farmers were very concerned that rice price volatility would increase. The Korean government amended the existing Grain Management Act to dispel the concerns of rice farmers and to successfully...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT It has been pointed out that the direct payment system of rice caused an oversupply of rice. In addition, polarization of direct payments according to the size of farms was also raised as a problem. Accordingly, in 2020, the Korean government reorganized the former direct payment system...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
INTRODUCTION Korea’s rice industry has been suffering from oversupply since 2000. For this reason, various policies such as set-aside and support project for switching to other crops instead of rice is being implemented to reduce rice production. Those rice production control policies had...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview