ABSTRACT To address the crisis of population decline at the local level, the South Korean government is allocating KRW1 trillion (US$769.2 million) annually, starting from 2022. This funding will be provided to support basic and metropolitan local governments that have been designated as ‘...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT Korea’s agricultural income per farm household in 2022 was KRW9.49 million (US$7,342), the largest decline since statistics were compiled. The low level of agricultural income, which has not exceeded KRW10 million (US$7,740) over the past 30 years, threatens the sustainability of Korean...
Country: Korea Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT As the elderly population continues to grow and strains public medical finances, there is a pressing need for innovative solutions to address the impending exhaustion of resources for elderly care. One such solution is the concept of community care, which offers an alternative approach...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT In October 2022, the forestry direct payment system was implemented for the first time in Korea thanks to the efforts of various stakeholders, including the government, forest owners, and forest industries. The forestry direct payment system aims to promote the management of private...
Country: Korea Topic: Forestry
ABSTRACT Korea's food exports are constantly increasing. As the Korean Wave culture spreads around the world, interest in Korea increases, and the excellence of Korean food is more known worldwide, Korea's food exports have increased for more than 20 years since 2000. First, this study...
Country: Korea Topic: Agribusiness