Agricultural marketing policy

ABSTRACT Starting from January 2022, Japanese quail has officially become designated as poultry by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) of Taiwan, a year that has been called Taiwan's "First Year of Japanese Quail" by the related industry. Japanese quail eggs are also one of the few exported...
ABSTRACT Several reforms were brought in through several amendments in the Tea Marketing Control 2003 to safeguard the Small Tea Growers (STGs) from the prolonged price crisis. The green leaf tea prices for the last decade hovering around US$ 0.10 to 0.18/ kg (INR 82/US$), which is far below the...
ABSTRACT There is a touch of cosmopolitanism to Taiwanese food cultural soft power. Taiwanese indigenous food and agricultural practices are infused with colonial-era Japanese cuisines, mainland provincial dishes and Italian and American influences. The cultural cross-pollination of global...
ABSTRACT Taiwan has a long history of vegetarian food production, and its food producers have specialized expertise in producing vegetarian food. As the demand for meat alternatives grows rapidly worldwide due to nutritional and environmental concerns, food producers have switched their focus to...
ABSTARCT  The objective of the paper is to examine the major reforms implemented in agricultural marketing to regulate marketing of farm produce in the country; and the extent these reforms helped in achieving market -linked price realization for the farm produce by providing competitive...