Agricultural marketing policy

ABSTARCT  The objective of the paper is to examine the major reforms implemented in agricultural marketing to regulate marketing of farm produce in the country; and the extent these reforms helped in achieving market -linked price realization for the farm produce by providing competitive...
ABSTRACT Coffee plantation has contributed to the economic development of Laos over the past three decades. Coffee is one of the most famous agricultural exports of Laos, particularly the product from Bolaven Plateau in the country’s southern part. The widespread of coffee plantation has...
ABSTRACT Over the past five years(2015/16-2019/20), the average annual excess supply of rice in the Republic of Korea has been chronically increasing to 223,400 metric tons. On the other hand, the annual rice consumption per person is decreasing significantly from 119.6 kg in 1990 to 56.9 kg in...
ABSTRACT The Arab region represents 23 countries with more than 400 million people. This region is an emerging market for agricultural products that include rice, fruits, and vegetables. Malaysia aspires to expand the export of its tropical fruits to this market. A team of researchers from...
ABSTRACT Japan has a unique place in the history of futures trading, as the Dojima Rice Market in Osaka, established in 1697 and authorized in 1730, is said to be the first case in the world that a futures market for any commodity was operated under the official government permission. This...