Agricultural marketing policy

ABSTRACT Japan has a unique place in the history of futures trading, as the Dojima Rice Market in Osaka, established in 1697 and authorized in 1730, is said to be the first case in the world that a futures market for any commodity was operated under the official government permission. This...
ABSTRACT The article presents the current situation of the export rice industry as well as the market structural changes of Vietnam's rice exports between 2010 and 2020. By analyzing the process of changing the structure of rice exports by value and market, it is obvious that Vietnamese rice has...
ABSTRACT Myanmar’s rubber industry has a  huge natural rubber market demand from neighboring countries and rubber is also the second-most agricultural export item following the pluses which is the first rank of export items. Myanmar became one of the largest rubber producers around the...
ABSTRACT National population growth has increased the domestic demand for horticulture commodities. Geographically, Indonesia has great potential in leading the fruit and vegetable production in Southeast Asia. However, many factors lead to the lack of domestic production, including lack of...
ABSTRACT There is a saying in Myanmar that “Rice, Edible oil and Salt” are the three essential food items for living. This highlights the imperative role that edible oil self-sufficient plays in Myanmar people’s daily consumption. To meet the increasing demand of qualified edible oil, it is...