Agricultural marketing policy

ABSTRACT This study conducts analysis of online grocery markets by exploiting Web scraping and examines advantages and limitations of Web scraping for online market studies. On one hand, findings report that daily price variation appropriately reflects actual aspects of market situation, price...
ABSTRACT Philippine native pig meat is seen as a healthy alternative to commercial pig meat in the market and as a lucrative source of income for producers. However, despite the development of the country’s native industry, the goal of developing the native pig industry has not been achieved...
ABSTRACT In Myanmar, major oilseed crops are groundnut, sesame, sunflower, mustard and niger. Among the oilseed crops, groundnut is one of the most popular edible oil and protein producing crops in the world. The study attempted to analyze marketing margin of groundnut value-added products of...
ABSTRACT The COVID-19 pandemic shakes nearly all industries and sectors across the globe. The very reason that the agricultural and food sector is recognized as the essential business also make it comparatively vulnerable to the strike of the pandemic that requires limited movement regulation...
ABSTRACT The Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture has established Indonesian Farmers’ Shops under the Community Food Business Development Program as one of the market initiatives in the country. It is carried out as an effort to maintain the stability of prices and to shorten supply chains of...