Mohd Rashid Rabu

Economic and Social Science Research Centre, Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI)

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ABSTRACT Corn is one of the main ingredients for animal feeds, and this commodity supports the development of livestock industry in Malaysia. However, corn is a small industry and the local production could not meet the demand by the animal feed millers. As a result, Malaysia depends on its corn...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT   Grain corn is one of the important commodities in Malaysia as it is the main component of animal feeds. Currently Malaysia is the net importer of grain corn because the local production is unable to supply the higher demand of the  livestock industry, especially the ruminants...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Overview
INTRODUCTION Consumers are demanding healthy, nutritious and safe food and agricultural products. The demand has increased both in the domestic and export markets. This is a result of the rampant food scandals, which occur from time to time.. Examples of said scandals include the, pathogenic...
INTRODUCTION Urban farming is a cultivation practice where food is produced in the cities around existing town areas (Bailkey and Nasr, 2000). Generally, urban farming is not a new concept in Malaysia. The similar concept of farming activities adopted by urban folks surrounding  residential...
Mohd Rashid Rabu and Mohd Syauqi Mohd Nazmi Economic and Technology Management Centre, MARDI, Head Quarters   Introduction Edible bird's nests (EBN) are bird nests made from the saliva of swift. It is particularly prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity and supposedly...