ABSTRACT In this study, we present how cooperatives help the elderly in the "food desert" and how it runs businesses with lower profits. We introduce a special cooperative, Dong-Rak-Jeom-Bbang (hereafter DRJB) which runs the business in a small village in South Korea. The food desert is...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
ABSTRACT Climate change has affected the entire world. Without exception, the impacts of climate change are becoming evident across the Korean peninsula. In order to mitigate the impacts and damage caused by climate change, in particular, the Korean agricultural sector is required to play a more...
ABSTRACT Crop insurance program becomes an important farm financial support for farm operators in Korea. Understanding behavior changes of farms in response to the participation in crop insurance program is critical to identify the ability of the policy to meet its goals. This study examines the...
ABSTRACT The Soil carbon 4 permille was launched to increase global soil organic matter stocks as a compensation for emission of greenhouse gases by anthropogenic sources. Specifically, soil organic carbon was treated as important due to soil productivity and soil health as well as carbon...
ABSTRACT Over the past five years(2015/16-2019/20), the average annual excess supply of rice in the Republic of Korea has been chronically increasing to 223,400 metric tons. On the other hand, the annual rice consumption per person is decreasing significantly from 119.6 kg in 1990 to 56.9 kg in...