INTRODUCTION Thailand is an agricultural country with a total area of about 51.31 million hectares. More than 23.88 million hectares are used for agricultural production, which is equivalent to 46.54% of the country’s total agriculture land (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment,...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT More than half of farm households in Thailand are in the rice sector. Majority of them are smallholders, and they are struggling with higher costs and lower yield rate, as well as rising competition in the global market. These reflect the need to move up the rice value chain based on...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Demand for specialty rice among Malaysians shows an increasing trend in recent years.  The consumption of high quality rice has increased due to higher living standards and health reason.  To meet the demand, most of the quality rice was imported from various rice producing...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT The Cordillera Administrative Region in the Philippines is famous for rice terraces where indigenous people grow diverse traditional rice varieties, through which they preserve their culture. For these people, rice grains are heirlooms. However, triggered by poverty, mass emigrations lead...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Dubbed as “dragon pearl fruit”, “green dragon”, “dragon crystal”, and “strawberry pear”; the dragon fruit (Genus: Hylocereus) is native to Mexico and Northern South America. In the Philippines, it was introduced in the 16th century most...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness