INTRODUCTION Japanese Sake (rice wine) is the traditional Japanese beverage made from rice. It is considered as one of the most popular beverages in Japanese food culture. It is now enjoyed all over the world because of its good flavor and taste especially if it is served together with other...
Country: Japan Topic: Agribusiness
INTRODUCTION Maize is an important agricultural product in Thailand which is being used for both food and feed industries (Poramacom, 2013). In the 2016-2017 crop year, the forecasted production of maize was 4.06 million tons from the forecasted planted area of 1.04 million hectares. The...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
INTRODUCTION Rubber was cultivated in Thailand since the 1990s. Thailand became the top producer and exporter of natural rubber in the world since that time. This is because the climatic condition is favorable for rubber cultivation in the country. Additionally, effective and innovative...
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
Introduction Thailand has a favorable weather condition and productive land for the cultivation of tropical and sub-tropical fruits (Zang, 2017). Therefore, it is famous for its tropical fruits that are tasty, flavorful and of good quality such as durian, mangosteen and rambutan (Anupunt, 2017)....
Country: Thailand Topic: Agribusiness
According to the IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development) 2015 report in State of Food Insecurity of the World, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution for tackling hunger and food insecurity. Interventions must be tailored to conditions, including food availability and...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Agribusiness