Princess Alma B. Ani

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ABSTRACT Philippine agriculture has long been fraught with gender issues that made it systematically harder for rural women to have equal access to rural and agricultural resources such as land, farm inputs, and loans. Historically, women do not have enough representation as well in key decision...
ABSTRACT Smuggling is the illegal movement of goods across an international border in violation to custom laws and regulations. This activity exists in countries all over the world and incurs multiple ill effects to the country’s economy. Some of the economic impacts of smuggling include...
ABSTRACT  As a megadiverse country, the Philippines is recognized with its rich biodiversity. It has the most diverse life forms on a per unit area. Its biodiversity, composed of various flora and fauna, provides resources to meet basic needs for human survival, promotes economic...
ABSTRACT Coconut remains to be one of the most important crops and a major export of the Philippines. However, despite the continued boom of coconut exports, there has been no significant improvement in the coconut industry for the past years. A factor that has considerably affected the industry...
Country: Philippines Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT A brief discussion on the importance of technology transfer policy was discussed in this paper. It provided the significance of crafting a law for technology transfer and what are the pressing issues and challenges to be addressed. Related policies were also presented and how they...