Farmers' welfare and retirement system

ABSTRACT Korean agriculture has traditionally been maintained in the form of collaborative labor among the villagers and labor exchanges in families and rural villages. However, as economic development progresses, the proportion of family labor, joint labor and labor exchange of rural community...
ABSTRACT Philippine agriculture has long been fraught with gender issues that made it systematically harder for rural women to have equal access to rural and agricultural resources such as land, farm inputs, and loans. Historically, women do not have enough representation as well in key decision...
ABSTRACT   Agriculture is a critical sector in the economic landscape of the Philippines. It has an active role to national development, particularly on rural development. However, the industry is largely characterized by small-scale family farm holdings. Majority of farmers are poor...
INTRODUCTION In Myanmar, the agriculture sector has strong link with economic development, it has been undergoing rapid development due to policy reform. Since 1988, the transformation from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economic system has led to increasingly intensified...