Agricultural human resources development

ABSTRACT High-tech agriculture has contributed to saving costs, increasing productivity, improving the quality of agricultural products and protecting the environment. However, it is the low quality of human resources that is a barrier to the development of high-tech agriculture in Vietnam....
ABSTRACT The farmer regeneration issue is not only faced by Indonesians. Almost all countries in the world are having the same issue. In other words, the concerns surrounding farmer regeneration are not specific to the people of certain countries, but they are relevant to the whole global...
ABSTRACT In the past decade, the Ministry of Labor in Taiwan has actively pursued the development and implementation of Occupational Competency Standards (OCSs) in various industries to better align talent cultivation with the demands of Taiwan’s labor market. These standards provide clear and...
ABSTRACT In response to the shortage and aging of the agricultural workforce in recent years, the Council of Agriculture (COA), Taiwan has promoted several measures, such as the establishment of a special unit for agricultural human resources management, the development of diversified human...
ABSTRACT The paper provides recommendations to enhance the gender-responsiveness of Republic Act No. 7308, or the Seed Industry Development Act in the Philippines. Seed systems are one of the foundations of agricultural development and food security. Its development is especially crucial in...