Agricultural human resources development

ABSTRACT As the youth unemployment continues to rise in urban areas and the baby boomer generation retirees move to rural areas, the Korean government has implemented various policies for stable settlement for returned farmers and residents and revitalizing the economy of rural villages. The...
ABSTRACT The Philippine’s Balik Scientist Program, administered by the Department of Science and Technology, is part of the country’s solution to the brain drain phenomena. The program taps Filipino expertise abroad to contribute to the development of the Philippines by encouraging...
ABSTRACT Myanmar, once known as not only “rice basket of Asia” but also “the world’s largest rice exporter” stood as 7th largest global rice producer in 2014. Successive governments attempted priority on rice sector in any agricultural policies, thus, rice exists as a strategic sector due to...
Introduction   Historically, Thailand’s agriculture has long been the root of the nation since the start of its era, but the agriculture production was introduced by the West after the influence of the Bowring Treaty of 1855 with Britain. The treaty led to an increase in...
INTRODUCTION One of the biggest issues of Japan’s agriculture is the continuous reduction or decline in the number of farmers. Farmers in Japan have decreased rapidly and have been getting old. Japan’s agricultural workforce has reduced from 3.9 million in 2000 to 1.8 million in 2018,...