Annette M. Tobias

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ABSTRACT The Philippine sugarcane industry is contributing an annual revenue of about PhP 70 billion (IS$1.3billion). Close to 700,000 Filipinos are directly employed in sugar production and about 5-6 million more are indirectly employed (SRA, 2019). It can be found in many regions covering...
ABSTRACT The Philippine rice sector has always been the center of government agricultural policies. The focal points of the policies revolve around promoting food self-sufficiency, providing high income to rice farmers while making prices affordable to the consuming public. The accession to WTO...
INTRODUCTION Factors deteriorating Laguna de Bay Region (LDBR) In general, the policies governing LBDR generally aim at the judicious use of the lake resources by the various stakeholders, as well as the protection of the lake from pollution and the conservation of the lake and its watershed...