Agricultural human resources development

  New Farmer Development Project ABSTRACT Thailand is located in suitable climate and geography that enable to perform various agricultural activities. However, low price of production and low quality of products are still remained. This issue is farmers are lacking of knowledge on farm...
ABSTRACT The average farm size was 1.03 hectare and only 21.7% of the farm households had a farm size with area more than 1 hectare in Taiwan in 2013. The agriculture employment decreased from 950,000 in 1995 to 544,000 in 2012. Furthermore, the average age of farm decision maker was getting old...
ABSTRACT Farmland access problems faced by the young generation of farmers have recently become problematic. To address this issue, this study investigates the challenges of traditional land tenure arrangements faced by young farmers and new entrants. Five creative farmland-access public programs...
ABSTRACT  The Philippines is basically an agricultural country with about 30 per cent of the total land area of the country cultivated by almost 5 million farmers. However farm area devoted to agriculture has been decreasing due to land conversion. The basic problem is that Filipino farmers...
ABSTRACT Myanmar is an agriculture country and its economy is based on agriculture. Agriculture sector contributes 23 % of GDP; 20 % of total export earnings; and employs 61.2 % of the labor force in 2013-2014. According to the Myanmar Census of Agriculture the agricultural land amounted to about...