Agricultural human resources development

INTRODUCTION In developed countries, many food processing companies and farms employ unskilled foreign laborers, whose wages are lower than domestic laborers. Japan is not an exception. However, unlike other developed countries in Europe, North America, and Australasia, it is often the case that...
Abstract Agriculture was once an engine in the economic growth of Thailand. However, the employment in agricultural sector has been declining and the dependence of economy on agriculture has declined since a few decades ago. Thailand has transformed to be an industrialized country from an...
Introduction Household Registration System, forming in the planned economy era, has become a major obstacle to society’s development. In the era of mass migration movements, this lagged system led to large numbers of people in the separation with their registered household, which caused severe...
Overview of KNCAF The Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries (KNCAF) was established by the Korean government in 1997 to rear professional farm managers leading to the development of agricultural industry and rural communities. The background for the establishment of KNCAF was due...
ABSTRACT The surveyed results showed that Vietnam's 2003 Land Law still imposes strict ceilings on land ownership so that opportunities to consolidate and expand farming operations through the land sale market are very limited. In 2009 there were 150,102 commercial farms throughout the country,...