Farmers' welfare and retirement system

Preferential tax treatment In the case of income tax or inhabitant tax, the rates of taxes are determined depending on the amount of taxable income without several deductions.  Farmers can deduce all the contributions for the FPS as well as those for the National Pension System.  Not...
Operation of pension fund The pension fund for farmers who are paying contributions or waiting for the inception of benefits after they turn 60 years old is operated in the “Insured Person Account.”  In this account, the fund is invested not only to domestic bonds and stocks,...
Source: Council of Agriculture (COA)   The Legislative Yuan passes third reading of the “Farmers’ Health Insurance Act”, particularly the article 5 amendments on December 14, 2015. The farmers’ association members and non-members participated in the agricultural...
Introduction Since ancient times, family support for the elderly has been a traditional pension pattern. With the gradual disintegration of the peasant economy and the implementation of the family planning policy, only family support is not enough.  We also need the support of the social...
INTRODUCTION This article focuses on the problems of lost-land farmers’ retirement system. Some problems in farmer’s retirement system are discussed, which are financial problems of land-lost farmers’ pension, and whether they can still own the land, the legalization and urban-...