Farmers' welfare and retirement system

INTRODUCTION In Myanmar, the agriculture sector has strong link with economic development, it has been undergoing rapid development due to policy reform. Since 1988, the transformation from a centrally planned economy to a market oriented economic system has led to increasingly intensified...
ABSTRACT This article is a translated excerpt of Expanding Farmers’ Income and Farm Management Safety Nets which is the first chapter of Action Plan of Agricultural Policy Task of 2018-2022 Development Plan for Agriculture, Rural Community and Food Industry prepared by Ministry of Agriculture,...
INTRODUCTION The Indonesian government is seeking to improve the national economy to ensure economic welfare. Based on the principle of Pancasila’s social justice, the government has begun to reform old programs as well as implementing new ones to strive for equality and improvement for small...
ABSTRACT Vietnamese agriculture reforms were embedded into general economic reforms (Doi Moi) in 1986, enabling the country’s transition toward a market economy. Since 1988, they were implemented incrementally together with complementary instruments such as agricultural market liberalization and...
The following is the translation of section 7 of “Agriculture Competitiveness Reinforcement Program” which was approved by the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and Regions Vitalization Creation Headquarters (headed by Prime Minister Abe) in the Cabinet on 29th November 2016. The...