Effendi Andoko

National Leadership Council Indonesian Farmers Union (HKTI)
Job Title
Deputy Secretary General

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ABSTRACT   Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) outbreak is an acute contagious disease that attacks cloven-footed animals. FMD has been reported to have spread and threatened many livestock in several parts of Indonesia and spread evenly throughout the province. FMD is categorized as a national...
ABSTRACT This paper analyzes the issue, strategy, and control measure policy of low-carbon emissions development in Indonesia’s agriculture. The result of the analysis shows that during the last decade (2010-2020), agriculture contributes about 7.86% of the total national carbon emissions. The...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Climate change
ABSTRACT According to the National Development Council, Taiwan formally became a senior-age society in August 2018. In 2018, the dependency ratio reached 37.9%, and the old-age support ratio was 20.1%. In Taiwan, 98,000 farmers who are over the age of 65 are still actively farming because they...
ABSTRACT Indonesia is the eighth top tea-producing country in the world. The central tea-producing areas are 10 provinces among 34 provinces in the country. Recently, the domestic tea industry of Indonesia is facing problems in terms of decreasing planted area, lacking technology application,...
Country: Indonesia Topic: Overview
ABSTRACT In 2016, Taiwan’s new government of President Tsai proposed a “New Southbound Policy” (NSP) for the country’s diplomatic strategic planning to maintain long-term positive relations with the ASEAN and South Asian countries. The basic principles of Taiwan in promoting the NSP are...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Overview