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INTRODUCTION Genetically Modified Organism is an alternative way to improve both the quality and the quantity of agricultural products. In developing nations across the globe, governments are grappling with questions of what role, if any, genetically modified organisms should play in helping...
INTRODUCTION The Indonesian government is seeking to improve the national economy to ensure economic welfare. Based on the principle of Pancasila’s social justice, the government has begun to reform old programs as well as implementing new ones to strive for equality and improvement for small...
The Policy Content of Implementing Food Agriculture Education in Japan In recent years, with the development of Japanese society, the proportion of middle-aged people with metabolic syndrome has been increasing. In addition to the adult population, the problem of children's obesity also needs...
Country: Japan Topic: Others
THE POLICY CONTENT ON IMPLEMENTING FOOD AGRICULTURE EDUCATION IN SOUTH KOREA With the improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of healthcare, there is a greater demand for food safety. In the recent 10 years, South Korea's obesity population has increased by 1.6...
INTRODUCTION Organic foods continue to grow in popularity worldwide. This rapid growth has been accompanied with an increase in the production of organic foods. Taiwan is no exception to that trend. As of 2016, the total amount of farmlands under organic production in the island state stood at 7...
Country: Taiwan Topic: Production policy