Thi Thi Soe

Department of Agricultural Economics, Yezin Agricultural University
Job Title
Assistant Lecturer

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ABSTRACT Potato becomes one of the potential crops for global food security issue because of its high nutrient content and goodness of eating. In Myanmar, potato is widely grown in Southern Shan State. Therefore, this research aims to study the profitability of potato production in four...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT The main problem for internally displaced people after natural disaster is livelihood insecurity which contributes to other serious life sufficiency and health risks. The study investigates the socioeconomic, disaster risk and livelihood changes, disaster risk management and potential...
ABSTRACT An arm of the Andaman Sea in the southern part of Myanmar, Gulf of Mottama Region (GoM), is supporting both coastal population and agricultural productivity in Bago Region and Mon State. The livelihoods in the rural sector depend on agriculture, livestock, and fishing and self-...