Yin Nyein Aye

Demonstrators Department of Agricultural Economics, Yezin Agricultural University, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Latest Submission of the Author

ABSTRACT High price fluctuation and lack of compensating purchasing power lead to a decrease in per capita consumption amount of those essential foods and meat and the lack of concentration on the nutrient requirement and food security. The objective of this research is to cope with the findings...
ABSTRACT In recent years, the food waste issue has received growing interest within the government, businesses, and the general public because it could cause food insecurity and environmental pollution. Various factors contribute to food waste during the stages of food production, processing,...
ABSTRACT This is a research that will let the reader have a glimpse into how farmers in the Nay Pyi Taw area are facing the challenge of increasing fertilizer, pesticide and herbicide prices in recent years. A total of 759 respondents from 8 townships in Nay Pyi Taw were interviewed about their...
ABSTRACT The most used natural fiber in making clothing is cotton. Cotton also produces cottonseed oil which is used in cooking, baked goods, and salad dressing, and meals and hulls which are used for livestock, fish feed and fertilizer. Cotton is one of the major industrial crops that is widely...
ABSTRACT The COVID-19 pandemic has affected human health and well-being all over the world. Like all other developing countries, Myanmar faces severe economic impacts that become critical to the livelihoods of the people. The study was done to assess the impacts of COVID-19 on households’ income...