ABSTRACT The efficient tenure system and tenure security will lead to the productive use of lands which will ultimately foster increase in productivity. Therefore, this study analyzes the overview of this concept and its application in Myanmar’s context of identifying the rationales and...
ABSTRACT Household food consumption system, eating styles and habits are directly related with inter-household food preferences on individual food items. Age and gender are the factors affecting individual food preferences which have significant impacts on health and welfare at different stages...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT This study aimed to find out the socio-economic status of rice farmers; to determine the knowledge and attitude towards certified rice seeds and to analyze the financial profitability of rice production. A total of 133 sample farmers were selected from 5 villages in Lewe Township by...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT The ratio of food cost, total expenditure, and income is a useful indicator of food security at the household level. In this study, a total of 220 respondents from Nay Pyi Taw region were interviewed about their monthly food consumption, its costs, and income of their households. On...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT Rice is grown mainly in Ayeyarwaddy Region in Myanmar. Pathein District, Ayeyarwady Region is one of the rice bowls which grows different rice varieties with a different type of marketing along the whole value chain with relative price and quality of products. Therefore, this research...