ABSTRACT Agricultural production, land use and investment policies were reviewed in this paper rather than other three major economic policies related to natural rubber industry in Myanmar, which will be presented in the next paper. The focus was on the policy changes and support to natural...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Production policy
ABSTRACT In Myanmar, major oilseed crops are groundnut, sesame, sunflower, mustard and niger. Among the oilseed crops, groundnut is one of the most popular edible oil and protein producing crops in the world. The study attempted to analyze marketing margin of groundnut value-added products of...
ABSTRACT The COVID-19 novel coronavirus spread around the world since December 2019. The first official case in Myanmar was reported on March 23rd 2020 where the first set of containment measures was introduced. In Myanmar, COVID-19 infection rate was low at the 1st wave but recently at the 2nd...
ABSTRACT Groundnut is important as an edible oil and food crop in Myanmar. Thousands of smallholder farmers in Myanmar grow groundnut for household food consumption and earning. Sagaing Region occupied the largest groundnut sown area in Myanmar. This study was done to analyze value added...
ABSTRACT The main problem for internally displaced people after natural disaster is livelihood insecurity which contributes to other serious life sufficiency and health risks. The study investigates the socioeconomic, disaster risk and livelihood changes, disaster risk management and potential...