Agricultural value chains

ABSTRACT The study is conducted mainly to determine the level of acceptability of turmeric (Curcuma longa) and annatto (Bixa orellana) as natural food additives in making fish tocino based on consumer preferences. Laboratory technique is used as basis for technology transfer through...
ABSTRACT Thailand ranks sixth among the world’s top rice producers. Knowledge production has made important contributions to technological innovation in the whole supply chain of the Thai rice sector. The aim of this paper is to provide insight into the broader innovation system context in the...
ABSTRACT Potato is an important cash crop for many farmers in the rural area of Myanmar and especially in the hilly region of Southern Shan State and riverbanks in the lowlands in Magway Region. The consumption of potatoes in curries, crisps and French fries increases substantially in the coming...
ABSTRACT The most used natural fiber in making clothing is cotton. Cotton also produces cottonseed oil which is used in cooking, baked goods, and salad dressing, and meals and hulls which are used for livestock, fish feed and fertilizer. Cotton is one of the major industrial crops that is widely...
ABSTRACT Despite being small, mutton is an essential industry in Malaysia, as it provides an alternative source of protein to people. This country produces around 4,000 tons of mutton yearly, or only sufficient to supply approximately 11.5% of the local needs. Malaysia imports more than 50,000...