Agricultural science policies

ABSTRACT Science and Technology is one of the important factors contributing to great performance in Vietnam's agricultural growth. The contribution of science and technology to agricultural growth is assessed through Total Factor Productivity (TFP). The growth accounting method is used in this...
ABSTRACT The Soil carbon 4 permille was launched to increase global soil organic matter stocks as a compensation for emission of greenhouse gases by anthropogenic sources. Specifically, soil organic carbon was treated as important due to soil productivity and soil health as well as carbon...
ABSTRACT In recent years, gene editing (GE) techniques, such as CRISPR/Cas9, are broadly applied to agricultural and medical sectors because of the characters of low technical barriers and high efficiency. In this review, we will concentrate on using GE as a precise new breeding technique (NBT)...
ABSTRACT Results of a survey on 50 agricultural cooperatives of different types of production and business in agro-ecological regions in Vietnam showed that production-scale diversity was high. The highest production-scale and production area was observed in the rice cooperative group with...
ABSTRACT This article aims at discussing the National System of Science and Technology (NSST) as well as the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) to particularly strengthen Research and Development (R&D) in Indonesia. The National System of Science and Technology has among other...