Agricultural science policies

ABSTRACT The demand for food is expected to increase with bigger growth rate as compared to its production. As a result, farmers need to open new land or intensify crop production. The over exploitation of agricultural activities will affect the environment, and subsequently impact the life of...
ABSTRACT This study's main idea was to explore research fronts in agricultural science for insights into the future development in agricultural technology. Through science mapping results, the members of governmental organizations (such as policymakers, technology managers, and research...
ABSTRACT Over the past 30 years, agriculture has had a high and relatively stable growth, reaching an average of 3.5% per year. However, at the current stage, the basic resources (labor, land, fertilizer) for agricultural growth in the previous periods have almost reached their limit. Total...
ABSTRACT In the past, Singapore had an agrarian economic sector, but over time, the traditional farmlands in villages transformed into urbanized areas, leaving only a sliver of land use in Kranji for high tech agriculture. Even the Kranji farming landscape over time transformed into multistoried...