ABSTRACT The Netherlands is a global leader in innovative agriculture, well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help its agriculture industry transform into a sustainable industry based on circular agriculture principles. Waste management is one of the main aspects of circular...
ABSTRACT The COVID-19 pandemic shakes nearly all industries and sectors across the globe. The very reason that the agricultural and food sector is recognized as the essential business also make it comparatively vulnerable to the strike of the pandemic that requires limited movement regulation...
ABSTRACT Working conditions in slaughterhouses as well as the accommodation of the employees are regarded as reasons for the specific susceptibility of the slaughterhouse and meat processing sector for coronavirus infections. After massive breakouts in German meat plants, work processes and work...
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ABSTRACT The COVID-19 virus met Germany, like the rest of Europe relatively unprepared. With the rising number of infections, the government implemented a first round of lock-down starting from mid-March up to mid-May. Just shops selling food stuff could stay open, while all shops providing “non...
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ABSTRACT Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L.) R. Wilczek var. radiata), also known as green gram is an important warm season food legume crop, with major production in Asia. The crop is expanding to Sub Sahran Africa and other parts of the world due to its short crop duration (60 days) and due to the...