Agricultural science policies

Introduction As stated in the Midterm Development Plan of 2015-2019, the current Indonesian administration has set a target to establish 100 Science and Techno Parks in all provinces of the country by 2019.  As part of this national program the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) has establised...
Introduction Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) play significant contribution to the economic development of Malaysia. They represent 97.3% of the total 645,136 business entities in Malaysia, provide 65% of job opportunities for the people, contribute around 19% of the total export value and 35...
INTRODUCTION To implement The Law on Agro-Technical Popularization of the People`s Republic of China and other CPC Central Committee documents to advance Reform and Construction of Grass-roots-level Agro-tech Popularization, in 2013, the central finances allocated 2.6 billion yuan to launch...
INTRODUCTION The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to the development of the seed industry. On Dec. 20, the general office of the State Council issued opinions on Deepening Reform on Seed industry System and Increase the Ability of Innovation, or Document 109....
The Ministry of Agriculture worked in August, 2013 with other ministries to issue the agro-tech promotion service job creation plan, so as to guide the local government to combine the registration, training and job creation together, a lasting mechanism to update the grassroots technician team....