Special-purpose Post Program for Agro-tech Popularization Services

Special-purpose Post Program for Agro-tech Popularization Services

Published: 2016.04.19
Accepted: 2016.04.19
Assistant Professor
School of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Renmin University of China

The Ministry of Agriculture worked in August, 2013 with other ministries to issue the agro-tech promotion service job creation plan, so as to guide the local government to combine the registration, training and job creation together, a lasting mechanism to update the grassroots technician team. This was done to implement the Central Governments’ notice on settling the jobs for 2013 year graduates.

Now, 13 provinces including Gansu, Shanxi, Jiangsu and Zhejiang have conducted the pilot plan, issued implementation plan and employed 10, 852 technicians, achieve sound results in advancing grassroots technicians team-building and university graduates’ job creation.

The Gansu Provincial Agricultural Department has worked with other departments since 2010 to select agro-majoring graduates to work in the grassroots level. In 2010, 500 graduates of animal husbandry majors were recruited, the years of 2011, 2012 and 2013 have seen 2000 graduates recruited every year. For the past four years, 6500 graduates have been recruited to work in county agricultural technician stations. The government signed contracts with them, who have to work there for five years if they are employed. The employed got their income from provincial department of finance, namely, 15,000 yuan per capita for the first year, and got higher pay for the second year.

The province of Shanxi has also issued notice on setting the jobs for 2013-year graduates, which included the agro-tech promotion service job creation into the overall plan of the province, vowing to select university graduates to work in countries for agriculture techniques promotion. In 2015, all countries should have one or two graduates, whose employment term was temporarily set for three years. They will get 10,000 yuan per capita every year from the provincial financial department. Other funding needed will be from cities and countries. To the under-developed counties, the province will add subsidies. The employed graduates can benefit after three years when they plan to take part to further study, take the civil servant exams and be employed in other institutes.

The province of Anhui has included the plan into the province’s graduate job-creation plan, as 9 department of the province have issued notices to organize the employment of university graduates in rural areas. The plan has solved the treatment problem of these graduates, and also made them prepare for future job hunting when the serving term is over.

Jiangxi Province has worked under the principles of quality selection and annual employment to select the technicians from the time they graduate to the time they work in station to promote agro-technologies. The year 2013 has seen nine graduates employed in this term, who has received 50,000 yuan per capita. 450,000 yuan have been implemented from the plan’s subsidized funding.

Next, the Ministry of Agriculture will enhance its coordination with other department to deepen research on agro-technician job position and employment. Meanwhile, efforts should be made to increase publication in the pilot plan, and promote the worthy experiences to provide guidance for other provinces to implement this plan.


Date submitted: April 15, 2016

Reviewed, edited and uploaded: April 19, 2016