Agricultural science policies

ABSTRACT A brief discussion on the importance of technology transfer policy was discussed in this paper. It provided the significance of crafting a law for technology transfer and what are the pressing issues and challenges to be addressed. Related policies were also presented and how they...
ABSTRACT Producing high quality rice and obtaining price premium for smallholder producers have been a challenge for Asian rice farmers due to poor postharvest management, inappropriate technology, and unsupportive market conditions. This is an exploratory study of whether a multi-stakeholder...
ABSTRACT In rainfed lowland rice ecosystem, farmers adapt to climate change by changing planting pattern from traditional hand transplanting to dry direct seeding in order to avoid early drought. Therefore, breeding for new aromatic photoperiod sensitive variety which is flowering in early October...
In 2014, the first civil litigation on plant variety right was raised at Changhua District Civil Court, Taiwan. The plaintiff argued the defendants planted his registered Citrus Fruits (Citrus madurensis Lour
), which he registered as new plant species under the requirement of Plant Variety and...
INTRODUCTION Big data is a national strategy in building up powerful agri-data, improving governance ability and pushing forward economic transformation and upgrading. In order to implement major decisions and deployment such as Action Framework of Promoting Big Data Development by the State...