Agricultural land policies

ABSTRACT Local commons, which are necessary and indispensable for agriculture, have been managed autonomously by an organization composed of village residents (hereinafter referred to as "management organization"). However, due to the decline of agriculture and the aging of the population with...
ABSTRACT This article provides an overview of land policies related to the agriculture sector in Vietnam from 1945 to the present. The first land policy in Vietnam was enacted in 1953, named "cai cach ruong dat." Over 35 years of Vietnam’s economic reform, the country’s land law has been amended...
ABSTRACT The efficient tenure system and tenure security will lead to the productive use of lands which will ultimately foster increase in productivity. Therefore, this study analyzes the overview of this concept and its application in Myanmar’s context of identifying the rationales and...
Sustainable land management Sustainable land use and protection of soils play a key role in food, climate, and human security. For this reason, the human management of soil resources will have wide-ranging consequences on human security for generations to come. The United Nations Convention to...
INTRODUCTION According to the Agricultural Census in 2013, there were 14.2 million (55.2%) smallholder farms with an average farm size of less than 0.5 hectare. Consistent with the general pattern in developing countries, the trend of small holder farms in Indonesia is increasing but the...