Thanda Kyi

Department of Planning, Ministry of Agriculture and irrigation, Myanmar
Job Title
Deputy Director General

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ABSTRACT The COVID-19 novel coronavirus spread around the world since December 2019. The first official case in Myanmar was reported on March 23rd 2020 where the first set of containment measures was introduced. In Myanmar, COVID-19 infection rate was low at the 1st wave but recently at the 2nd...
Sustainable land management Sustainable land use and protection of soils play a key role in food, climate, and human security. For this reason, the human management of soil resources will have wide-ranging consequences on human security for generations to come. The United Nations Convention to...
INTRODUCTION It is well known that International trade can increase the well-being of each trading nation on the basis of comparative advantage principle. Likewise, increasing regional integration can enhance export competitiveness. By kicking off a comprehensive reform programme in 2011,...
ABSTRACT Food security in different regions and states of the country may vary from each other based on their economic development activities, social network, infrastructure development, how it is seen on the development of the regions and states, how budget is allocated to utilize for the...
ABSTRACT This study attempted to explore the marketing and distribution situation in the supply chain of rice seed in lower Myanmar. The survey was conducted from September to October, 2015. The stratified random sampling method was used to select the seed growers, seed dealers and farmers. A...