Cho Zin Win

Yezin Agricultural University, Myanmar
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Assistant Lecturer

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ABSTRACT Edible oil in Myanmar plays an important role as an essential food item in the daily diet of the Burmese people. Considering the growth rate of the population in the country, it is assumed that the per capita edible oil consumption will be increased yearly based on the population and...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agribusiness
ABSTRACT This paper reviews the development of the edible oil sector in Myanmar. Oilseed crops, namely groundnut, sesame, sunflower, mustard and niger, are one of the major crops in Myanmar and it covers 16% of the national cultivated area. At present, about 90% of domestic edible oil mills have...
Country: Myanmar Topic: Agriculture
ABSTRACT There is a saying in Myanmar that “Rice, Edible oil and Salt” are the three essential food items for living. This highlights the imperative role that edible oil self-sufficient plays in Myanmar people’s daily consumption. To meet the increasing demand of qualified edible oil, it is...