Agricultural land policies

Subsidy to Retiring Farmers Farmers who are going to retire can receive a subsidy from the government if they lend their farmlands to ICOF.  There are three types of subsidies as of 2014. (1) Subsidy to a community This subsidy is paid to a community whose members lend their farmlands to...
INTRODUCTION Consolidation of farmlands into Ninaite[1] is important challenge for Japanese agriculture, because it can contribute to the improvement of competitiveness of Japanese agriculture in the international market. The Japanese government now promotes farmland consolidation through various...
In recent years, the MoA (Ministry of Agriculture) attached high importance, took effective measures and strengthened its work to achieve remarkable results in farmland quality building and management. This played an important role in securing national food safety.   On the one hand, the...
Introduction The registration of rural land contract and management right is a basic job of affirming and protecting rural land contract and management right of farmers, and guaranteeing the business safety of the land circulation, and perfecting the rural land contract and management system....
Introduction On September 29, 2014, the central leading group for comprehensive reform held the fifth meeting, and reviewed the schemes that called “About leading right to the contracted management of rural land transfer with the opinion of the moderate scale management of agriculture...