Agricultural land policies

INTRODUCTION Based on the Chinese basic national conditions about population and farmland, rural household contract management makes the fragmentation of farmlands, which is difficult to achieve economies of scale and promote the farmers' income. As non-agricultural industries can work more...
INTRODUCTION Recently, the central government issued “The Opinion of the Orderly Circulation of Land Management Rights in Rural and Developing the Agricultural Scale Management”, also referred to as the document. Over the years, the Chinese government had formulated a series of...
1. Changes in policies regarding agricultural perpetuation The progress of urbanization and industrialization due to economic development in the 1960s increased the demand of non-agricultural uses on farmlands. This led farmlands to quickly transform from agricultural to urban use. This is...
I. Background Taiwan is a densely populated country. The total size of its farmland is around 0.8 million hectares. The number of farm households is about 0.78 million, with an averaged 1.03 hectares farmland per household. Compared with those major agricultural production countries, such as the...
Min-Hsien Yang, Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan I Han, Assistant Professor, Feng Chia University, Taiwan     The current real estate market in Taiwan has turned its spotlight to the farmland sector. Expected superior return encourages more and more speculated investment in...