Rural development

Introduction Historically, China’s urban and rural household registration system is the inevitable choice under the policy of heavy industry priority development strategy .With the completion of primitive accumulation of capital and the deepening of Reform and Opening, a large number of...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
During the Great East Japan Earthquake, atomic power generation has been destroyed by Tsunami and lots of radioactive substances have been spread over Japan. Now conversion of energy source from atomic power generation to renewable power generation becomes much urgent issue than before, and...
Country: Japan Topic: Rural development
Introduction In recent years, local governments have sincerely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, to promote rural infrastructure construction and urban- rural equalization of basic public services. As a result the...
Country: China Topic: Rural development
The Korean Rural Development Administration (RDA) has played a vital role in the development and dissemination of agricultural technologies to improve agricultural productivity and increase farm income.   Table 1. Major changes of rural development administration (RDA) by period...
Country: Korea Topic: Rural development
Introduction Entrepreneurship is one of the main drivers of economic growth in which it creates wealth, innovation and technology deployment and reduces poverty. It is also one of the economic strategies to perpetuate the country’s competitiveness in dealing with the increasing trend of...
Country: Malaysia Topic: Rural development