Agricultural finance

ABSTRACT This paper gives an overview of the agricultural investment policy in Indonesia. It is particularly important due to the country’s heavy reliance on agriculture as a significant economic sector and its unique geographical and socio-economic context. Indonesia has an opportunity for...
ABSTRACT The fertilizer subsidy policy has been implemented in Indonesia for five decades, namely from 1970 up to the present. This policy is essential to support agricultural development including food-security achievement. It is implemented dynamically and is disbursed every year. Recently,...
ABSTRACT Direct Payment Schemes (DPS) has played a central role in Korean agriculture, but not free from caveats and criticism. Against those problems, DPS reform has been in active progress these days. The author attempts to provide suggestions as follows. 1) The goal of the reform should be...
Country: Korea Topic: Agricultural finance
INTRODUCTION Government budget can be divided into budget and fund by the way it is managed. And there are two ways of financing a project: investment or lending. Government budget is divided into central government budget and local government budget, each of which can be subdivided into general...
Country: Korea Topic: Agricultural finance
INTRODUCTION Agricultural credit is a major support service extended to serve the financial needs for agricultural production, marketing and other stages of the value chain. Enhancing access to credit by small farmers has always been a major component of development programs and projects in the...